ICCC empowering Cities

The heralded rise of “Smart Cities” has pervaded in bringing data-centric solutions to urban challenges. The use of Integrated Command and Control Centers have been encouraged to improvise urban challenges and improvise the municipal service delivery. They are envisaged to be the hub of innovation as they facilitates effective management of city operations, exceptional scenarios and disaster mitigation using information and communication technologies. They enables cities with a decision support system for enhancing quality of life for its citizen. They also help cities achieve more with less using real-time data, centralized monitoring and informed decision making which is driving cities towards inclusion, efficiency, and innovation.

ICCC Strengthening Digital Infrastructure

ICCC Maturity Assessment Framework (IMAF) 2.0

Benchmarking & Measurement
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ICCC / ICT Model RFP 2.0

Requirement & Guidelines
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Smart Cities Standard

Blueprint and Specification
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